Argentina’s government finally allows Abortion

After so many years, lawmakers in Argentina have finally agreed to make abortion legal. Indeed, senate members in Argentina endorsed a bill which gives allow abortion on Wednesday in a memorable decision seen as a significant triumph for premature birth rights advocates in the nation.


Lawmakers eventually pass the bill after huge debate


Gabriela Giacomelli, with close ones engaging in illegal abortion called the decision, “exceptionally passionate.”


“This battle has been for quite a long time,” Giacomelli stated. “I see individuals now, even though I don’t want them to go through an abortion, but if it is their decision, they should go ahead without fear.”


Another abortion rights dissident, Sofia Gonzalez, said she trusted Wednesday was a “memorable time” for all Argentines “Beginning today, I think everything changes for the better,” she added.


This proposed bill permits it as long as it is within three months of pregnancy. Premature birth in Argentina, South America’s fourth-most populated nation, is presently allowed when a pregnancy is from rare incidents, or it could lead to death in the lady.


Although in other scenarios, abortion remains banned and defaulters could spend as much as 16 years in jail.

Other South American nations urged to follow

Supporters of this trust Argentina’s senate approval will make other Latin—American nations and Catholic countries to tow the same line.


Tamara Taraciuk Broner, the acting head of Human Rights Watch (HRW) Americas Division, said before the vote that if the Bill scales through, it will “send a solid statement to Argentines that it is possible to push ahead with the legitimization of premature birth—even in a Catholic nation like Argentina.”


Across Latin American nations, like Cuba, Uruguay, French Guiana, and Guyana lets citizens abort on a selective basis, as indicated by the Institute for Reproductive Rights. In Mexico City and the Mexican province of Oaxaca, premature births are only permitted on solicitation, yet are seriously limited in states in Mexico.


However, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Suriname barred all forms of abortions no matter the situation. Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Panama will only consider it if a lady’s well-being or health is at risk.

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