5 things to know about Iceland

When talking about visiting Europe, most people only consider Spain, France, Greece, Portugal and other mainstream touristic destinations. That is because they just don’t know about the beautiful yet quite unknown such as Iceland. Here are 5 things you need to know about Iceland.

Member of the Schengen area

Iceland, due to its strong desire for independence, has totally refused to join the European Union. However, the country is part of the Schengen area. It is therefore affected by the ETIAS electronic travel authorization. To find out more, click on https://www.etias-visas.com.

 Forests are tiny

Iceland is a country where trees are rare. You will see a few in places, but they are usually very small shrubs. To remedy this problem, the Icelandic authorities have decided to launch massive tree-planting campaigns.

Iceland is a very cold country

Iceland is a very cold country. Indeed, it is cold there almost all year round. Even during the summer, the temperature generally hovers around 5 ° C. The winter weather is freezing. So there is no risk of sunburn in Iceland.

The water in Iceland is the purest in the world

Water in Iceland is generated from glaciers that have existed for hundreds of years. When they were formed, there was hardly any pollution. This is the reason why the water in Iceland is extremely pure. The Icelanders only consume this water since they are prohibited from buying bottled water.

Hot water is a little smelly

In Iceland, hot water has a rather peculiar smell. This is due to the fact that water is heated in geothermal areas. In other words, Icelanders use the vapors from hot volcanoes to directly heat hot water pipes. Ultimately, Iceland is a rather special country full of surprises.

You should take a short pleasure trip to Iceland in order to learn a lot more about the country and its people.

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