Visit 3 species of animals in their natural environment

Although they are said to be wild and dangerous, some animals arouse the interest of many people. This is quite normal because these animals fascinate by their characteristics. Here is a list of animals that you can visit in their natural environment

Visit the polar bears in the Arctic

Polar bears are a species found in the Arctic. Their white fur makes them mimetic. Also, their large hairy and slightly webbed paws allow them to walk on fresh snow without sinking. The average male is 3 to 2.5 m long and weighs 410 kg. Females average 2.10 m in length and weigh up to 320 kg. They are the largest land carnivores in the world and reign in the Arctic. They feed mainly on seals. Thanks to their highly developed sense of smell, they can spot seals hidden under the ice. Sometimes, they dive and stay in the water for long minutes to catch fishes.

Dive with sharks

With their powerful jaws and sharp teeth, sharks are scary animals. However, they are also one of most thrilling encounters humans have at sea. It is true that these fearsome predators can be dangerous. But you can get to know them from an armoured cage designed for divers. They can be spotted by their lateral line. This sensory organ allows them to detect pressure variations generated by a moving object in the water. You can therefore see sharks swimming freely around you if you don’t panic. You can visit to have more information.

Watch birds in the Amazon

The Amazon rainforest is home to over 1500 species of birds. But most of them live in the canopy and rarely go lower. This is due to the large number of birds that exist in the forest. You will discover birds that can be distinguished by their striking beaks, others by their majestic colours. They are very different from what you often see. You will see for example toucans. They are birds with a huge, curved and orange colour beak. They also have almost completely black plumage, white throat, white and red tail. You will find many impressive birds in the Amazon rainforest.

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