Top 5 Movie-Inspired Slot Machines

Some films have been a huge success, and just for that alone, they live forever in the minds of moviegoers. To feed this passion for these cult films, many casino game providers have decided to develop slot machines inspired by these cult films. Here's a top 5 list of cult movies that have inspired slot machines!

Star Wars

Star Wars is a series of films whose first issue was created in 1977 by Georges Lucas. As soon as it was released, the film was a huge success to the point where many more episodes of the film were produced. Today, Star Wars is a true cult movie and many casino game designers have used it as inspiration for the development of slot machines. For more information, visit .

 Basic Instinct

Erotic thriller released in 1992, Basic Instinct is a thread that was a real box-office success. Directed by Paul Verhoeven, the film features actors such as Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas.  In this film, a police officer investigates the death of a singing star. However, he must face the advances of a beautiful woman who is none other than the main suspect in the murder. The film was so successful that a Basic Instinct slot machine was manufactured for the market.

King Kong

It is undoubtedly one of the most successful films of the 1930s. It was so successful that several other versions were made later. To allow movie lovers to relive the film, a casino game provider decided to develop an online casino game with the same name as the film. This machine comes in the form of a 5-reel machine with 20  paylines. The player will be able to experience sessions that are not only fun, but also lucrative.


Rambo is a series of American films whose first issue was released in 1982. The film features a former U.S. Army special forces agent named John Rambo played by Sylvester Stallone. Rambo was a big hit on the big screen to the point that a final sequel was released in 2019. The film has also been adapted into a slot machine to allow fans of the film to solve it. The game takes place in the same setting as the movie with very attractive graphics.

Ghost Rider

It is undoubtedly one of the best films of the 2000s, starring the famous actor Nicolas Cage. In this film, a young stuntman (played by Nicolas Cage) sells his soul to the devil to save his father. A few years later the devil came to claim his due and made the young stuntman his Ghost Rider. The film is very exciting and this is undoubtedly the reason why a Ghost Rider slot machine game was later developed.

Many other films such as Robocop, Elektra and Wonder woman also inspired slot games.

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